Capture Your 365 (CY365) – June 2015

Capture Your 365 - June 2015 |

I’m at the halfway point in the Capture Your 365 project! This month was tough again, made harder by the fact that the CY365 forum was down much of the month. I didn’t realize how much I relied on inspiration from how others interpret the prompts. I find that the ideas other people use sometimes spark a different idea in me or an idea for the settings for a future photograph. Thankfully, the forum is back up again and I’m looking forward to using it in July. These were my three favorite photographs this month:

To view June’s photos in more detail, check out my CY365 June Web Album.

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The Daring Bakers’ June, 2015 Challenge: Charlotte Royale/Russe

Daring Baker's Charlottes |

Blog-checking lines: For the June daring bakers challenge Rebecca from challenged us to make Charlotte Royale and Charlotte Russe from scratch. Savory or sweet Charlottes were definitely tasty showstopper

It was my pleasure to host my second Daring Baker’s Challenge this month!  This time, I decided to showcase the classic Charlotte Royale and Charlotte Russe.  Charlottes have been on my baking bucket list for many years now, ever since I saw a beautiful photo of a Charlotte Royale in one of my baking books.  I hope everyone had as much fun making them as I did!

The term Charlotte actually refers to two different types of dish one cold and one hot.  For this challenge we are made the chilled variety, which is sometimes referred to as an icebox cake.   Chilled Charlottes are composed of a lined bowl or mold, which is then filled with a Bavarian cream or mousse which is firm enough to slice when chilled.  The sweet Charlotte molds are typically lined with bread, cake or ladyfingers and the savory ones are lined with vegetables or bread.

The two classic types of chilled Charlottes are the Charlotte Royale and the Charlotte Russe.  The French Chef Marie-Antoine Carême supposedly invented the Charlotte Russe in the 1800s, naming it partly for the daughter of his former employer (George IV), as well as his current Russian employer (Czar Alexander I ).  The Charlotte Royale is a variation on the Charlotte Russe.

The Charlotte Russe is made in a loose bottomed cake pan lined with ladyfingers and is filled with one or more layers of Bavarian Cream or mousse.

Charlotte Russe |

The Charlotte Royale is typically made in a round bowl lined with slices of Swiss roll cake for a spiral effect.

Charlotte Royale |

Though less common, Charlottes may also be savory.  These Charlottes come in many shapes and are filled with meat or vegetable mousses and the molds are lined with vegetables or bread.

Zucchini Charlotte |


The recipes for this challenge were so long and required multiple recipes within recipes, so instead of trying to post them all here, you can view and print the pdf instructions.  You may also head on over to the Daring Kitchen for a full post of the recipes as well as photos from the Charlottes made by the participants.  It’s been fun seeing what everyone has done with this challenge!

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