Why I haven’t been quilting, part I.

I haven’t gotten a lot of quilting done this year.  I had great plans at the beginning of the year, but then two new interests came into my life.  One of them is watercolor painting.  I’ve never painted anything before, but I’ve been noticing the beginning watercolor painting class in the adult school catalog for some time.  I finally worked up the nerve (and talked my hubby into joining me) to sign up for the class.  I just finished the 6th and final session and I’m hooked.  The final project, which we worked on over the last two classes, was to turn a flower photograph into a painting.  This was right up my alley as I love taking pictures of my garden.  This may only be my 5th painting, but despite room for improvement, I’m really pleased with it!  I’ve signed up again for the next session of beginning painting and I hope that will keep me going in this new hobby.  If you’ve never tried watercolor painting, give it a try!

Potato Vine Flower, watercolor

Potato Vine Flower, based on a photo by Sharon Hogan


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Why I haven’t been quilting, part I. — 1 Comment

  1. We wondered how you were doing with your painting! Glad you are continuing with the classes. Maybe we’ll have to sponsor an art show of your and Rob’s paintings!
    Mom and Dad

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