Harvest Pumpkin Scones

I love scones and I love pumpkin, so these Harvest Pumpkin Scones from King Arthur Flour are the perfect breakfast for me.   Encrusted with coarse sugar or cinnamon sugar,  they’re attractive as well as delicious.

I first made this recipe a week or so ago and we liked them so much that I made them again once we were out.  Flaky from the butter and yet somehow also moist from the pumpkin, these are a nice not-too-sweet treat for breakfast.  They go especially well with hot chocolate.  I also think they’d be great with chocolate chips, which will be my excuse to bake them again next week.  If you mix all the dry ingredients together the night before, scones go together very quickly in the morning and can be a great breakfast for company.  You can also make scones up to the shaping step and then freeze them and bake them individually (without thawing) as needed.

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