A Curly Scarf for Christmas

Back in September, a beautiful scarf (Barb’s Koigu Ruffle by Churchmouse Classics) caught my eye at my local yarn shop.  I was there that day to knit socks but I was early and so I decided to browse the store.  This is nearly always a mistake on my part but one which I’m sure my yarn store counts on.  While I was browsing the sock yarns, I came across the store sample for this short and classy ruffled scarf, yet another evil plot on the part of the yarn store.  I needed to have this scarf for myself!  So, seeing as there was also a sale that day, I went ahead and got the pattern and some lovely purple and blue lace merino multi yarn by Ella Rae.  I just finished it and still love it.  The only difficult part of this pattern was in casting on 648 stitches which made for a very, very long afternoon.  The actual knitting was pretty quick, especially once I reduced down to the 128 stitches in between the ruffled edges.  Here’s a picture using a model whose neck photographs better than mine.

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