Bog Socks

Just after Christmas, I finally finished the Nov/Dec pair of socks from the Made in Oregon sock club that I joined this year.  The pattern is “Bog Sock” and they were knitted in Pico Accuardi Dyeworks 100% Superwash Merino Wool in color “Cheshire”.   These socks were interesting because the lace top of the socks was knitted first across just a few stitches and then joined into a circle.  The leg of the sock was then started by picking up stitches from around the lace circle.  My socks are a bit different from the pattern as I misread the pattern at first for the lace topper.  I actually liked my version better, so even though I discovered the mistake in time to “fix” it, I chose to keep it my way.    I also reverse the sole stitches of my socks to a “princess sole” because the purl bumps hurt my tender little princess feet.    I also had to really reduce the stitches in the sock to get it to fit my narrow little feet.  I’m not sure I would knit this pattern again, but I do think it’s a pretty sock!

Bog Socks - pattern by Chrissy Gardiner

Bog Socks - pattern by Chrissy Gardiner

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