Banana Bread Panini (or why it’s good that I don’t own a Panini press)

Last Sunday my supper club met and our theme was Paninis (pressed Italian sandwiches).  I chose to bring dessert.  I figured that we’d have lots of white bread, so I decided to use a Basic Banana Bread recipe from Cooking Light.  I made the banana bread as written, except that I omitted the glaze and added in about 1/3 cup of cocoa nibs.  We took two slices of the banana bread, spread about 1 Tbsp. of Nutella in the middle and then grilled it in a press.  When the bread was toasted and the Nutella was oozing, we sliced the sandwiches diagonally and served warm.  Heavenly!  It was very difficult to eat just one of these luscious triangles and I would definitely make this again if I owned a Panini press.  Thankfully, I don’t.  Although, I probably could toast banana bread and spread it with Nutella…

Banana Bread Panini

Banana Bread & Nutella Panini, photo by Cindy Kihn Santiago

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