Sweet Honey Socks

I just finished the next to last pair of socks in Pico Accuardi’s Made in Oregon Sock club.  This pair was made with a wool/silk combo called “Stevie Sparkles”.  The photo below doesn’t really show it, but there are little silver sparkles through out the socks that really show up nicely in sunlight.  The yarn is a beautiful buttery yellow color that was created by dyeing the yarn with onion skins.  Who knew onions could be so pretty?  The pattern is “Sweet Honey”, designed by Janel Laidman.  As usual, I altered the pattern to use a “Princess Sole” to be more comfortable on my feet.  Now back to knitting my husband’s Christmas present socks.  Yes, his present last year.

Sweet Honey Socks - pattern by Janel Laidman


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