Friendship Quilt

I really love the look of appliqué, but I’m not in love with the actual activity for myself.   I have a friend who does simply beautiful appliqué of her own design.  Scheming to get my hands on some of her work (without having to develop some horrible disease that prompts people to give you quilts), I suggested a trading of skills.  We settled on an appliqué block from her in exchange for two knitted sweaters for her granddaughters’ American Girl dolls.  I had a lot of fun knitting the sweaters and we exchanged projects nearly two years ago.   I immediately added an inner border and then I stalled out for a while.  It seemed like anything I did to the corners just took attention away from the appliqué which was positioned on-point.  While on vacation in Oregon, we stopped at a tiny quilt store and I found the solution to my problem.  One of the shop samples used a folded corner technique that really caught my attention.  This week I added on my corner triangles, machine quilted it, and then tacked back the corners with antique buttons.  I love the result!  The finished size is 23.5″ through the middle.

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