Raspbery Almond Puff

Almond flavored desserts are right up there in my list of favorite flavors, along with chocolate, peanut butter and mint.  This beautiful Raspberry Almond Puff pastry is super easy to make, tastes delicious and never fails to impress company.  It can be served equally well for breakfast, a coffee break snack or for dessert.  There are a lot of steps to making this treat, but they are all pretty easy and the dessert can be made the day before you need it.  To start with, a wet, buttery pie crust type base is made and spread out in two rectangles onto a cookie sheet.  Then a basic cream puff batter is made (don’t worry, cream puff dough is much easier to make than you might think) and flavored with almond extract.  The cream puff batter is spread on top of the logs and baked until it is puffed and golden.  After removing from the oven, the loaves are spread with your favorite flavor of jam (I was lucky enough to have some homemade raspberry-plum jam on hand) and sprinkled with toasted, slivered almonds.  When the whole thing is cool, it’s drizzled with a powdered sugar icing and can be sliced into fingers.   The cream puff sinks as it cools, forming flaky almond-y layers under the jam.  Yum!  I’ve made versions of this before from other recipes, but never one that spread jam on top after baking.  I’m sold!  The only thing I would change next time would be to add a bit of almond extract to the icing for a stronger almond hit.  If you don’t like almond (inconceivable!), vanilla extract would work just fine in this recipe.

You can find this recipe on the King Arthur Flour website.

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