Patience Cake

I’ve been interested in make the Love is Patient Cake from the Confections of a Master Baker website for some time now.    It’s a pretty intimidating cake, one that requires reading the instructions multiple times and exercising a virtue I don’t really possess much of – patience.

The finished cake

The cake starts with 5 layers of cake, each 1/2″ tall.  Two flavors are required, preferably 3 layers of a dark colored flavor and 2 of a light colored flavor.  After the cake layers are trimmed to size and the butter cream is made, 4 of the layers are sandwiched together with the buttercream in alternating colors.  After chilling to stabilize the layers, a cone is cut out of the center of the cake from the top and removed.  Another plain dark layer of cake is placed on top of the crater and the entire cake is flipped over.  What was formerly the bottom layer is then pressed down into the hole left by the cone that was removed and the cone of cake is replaced into the newly created space.  The entire cake is then frosted and decorated.   Does your brain hurt yet?

To finally tackle this cake, I invited a fellow adventurous baker over to assemble the cake with me.  We decided on a chocolate/cherry combination with vanilla butter cream frosting.  My friend made the chocolate chiffon cake and I made a cherry chiffon cake, both in advance to make the process a little quicker.  We made the butter cream the day of assembly.   The entire process (excluding the advance cake baking) took about 5 hours, but in our defense there was a lot of time spent waiting for the meringue to cool enough to add the butter for the butter cream and also time for the cake layers to set up in the refrigerator.  We didn’t manage to make the cake perfectly, but we did pretty well for first timers and I’m happy with our results.   It tasted good too!

The recipe and directions are too complicated to go into here, but we took pictures as we assembled the cake.

Our trimmed layers, ready to go

Making the buttercream frosting

Our layers, sandwiched with frosting

Removing a cone of cake layers

The cone

Decorated with sliced almonds and mini chocolate chips

And sliced

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