Cappuccino Parfaits

My supper club met recently for a “No Bake” supper in honor of summer.  Summer isn’t really hot enough here to be miserable, but it is warm enough to want to avoid turning on the oven in the afternoon.  This simple Cappuccino Parfait dessert from Martha Stewart was perfect for this event.  Smooth and creamy ricotta is made even smoother by blending it in a food processor with some sugar until it is light and airy.  A little espresso powder is added for extra flavoring.  The whipped mixture is served chilled in a little dish and sprinkled with amaretti cookie pieces.  The result is a creamy, smooth and cool dessert with the flavor of coffee and the nice contrast of the crunchy cookies.  This was a satisfying and easy dessert and I’m looking forward to trying other flavorings with the ricotta.

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