Fall Sage Socks

I must be addicted to knitting socks.  I recently finished knitting the Almondine socks for the Socks For All sock club at my local yarn shop and had a month to wait until the next pattern was announced.  Instead of resting my hands, which would have been the smart idea, I decided to knock out a pair of fall socks for my sweetie.  These socks were done without a pattern.  The stitches are ones that I saw a fellow knitter using during the sock club and are made up of alternating rows of (k1,p1) with (k1, p3).  Easy peasy.  The yarn was lovely to work with.  I used a Schaefer hand painted superwash yarn (80% extrafine merino, 20% nylon) called Nichole in the Sage color.  I would definitely buy this yarn again and I’d probably use this stitch pattern again too.  It’s interesting enough to knit, but not so hard that I can’t have a conversation while knitting and the pattern is good for both men and women.

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