Crazy for Chocolate

Crazy for Chocolate

Well over a year ago, a friend and I went to the Houston Quilt Show.  We emerged from that show with a personal challenge – create a quilt with words on it by the same time the next year.  I missed that deadline by about 5 months, but it took me a long time to find a design I liked.   I struggled for a long time over what to say on my quilt, and ultimately decided that it didn’t matter if I made up the words, just that I was happy with the quilt.

In going through my folder of ideas and inspirations, I came across some artisan chocolate bar labels that I had kept.  I often buy artisan chocolate on vacations and my choice is driven as much by the art on the label as it is by the variety and flavor of the chocolate.  Crazy quilting has always been on my bucket list of quilts to make, so when I saw the chocolate labels I had a flash of inspiration to make cotton crazy quilt blocks that centered around chocolate labels printed on fabric.  I had such fun making this quilt!  With the exception of a few pieces of lace, some fancy chocolate beads and one chocolate bar, I was able to make this quilt entirely with things I already had on hand.  That’s always satisfying.  However, it somehow did nothing to diminish the stuff in my closets!

The finished quilt is 30.5″ square and is made up of cotton, ribbons, lace, hand-dyed rick rack and printed fabric photos.  The embellishments include beads shaped like fancy chocolates, seed beads, charms, embroidery and lace medallions.  The printed labels come from the following brands of chocolate bars:  Wild Boar, Chocolove, Lindt, Theo, Moonstruck, Trader Joe’s, Huckleberry Chocolates, and Seattle Chocolates.

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    • That is so cute. I haven’t figured out-or been brave euognh to try anything like you did on the border. I am sticking to lines whether they are straight or curved. One of these days I hope to do more with quilting and embrodiery.Cindy

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