Asymmetrical Cable Socks

The 5th sock in Green Planet Yarn’s “Socks for All” sock club was this Asymmetrical Cable sock pattern by Cookie A.  The pattern can be found in the book Sock Knitting Master Class by Ann Budd.  I continued my trend of using Malabrigo yarn for the sock club and used a sock-weight superwash merino yarn in the Velvet Grapes (204) colorway.  I have a love/hate relationship with this color.  The color is really beautiful and makes me want to drink grape juice immediately.  However, that same darkness makes it really hard to read the knitting or to see any kind of pattern.   This yarn probably wasn’t the best choice for these socks, which have a cable pattern that winds around the leg, as the pattern doesn’t show up well.  However, the color is irresistible and I love the socks for that alone.

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Asymmetrical Cable Socks — 4 Comments

  1. Good day

    you did well!
    I have just saw you did the same pattern of me and I need your help cause I am blocked in the process, can you help me ?

    I am actually knitting the right sock and finished rnd 11 of left cable

    Foot part asked me to decrease on needle 2, but it s right on my cable panel and I dont understand why I need to stop the process of my left cable for decreasing. Do I need to decrease before or after cable panel ? or right on it and after that I continue cable panel ?

    what did you do at this level ?
    thank you for your help


  2. Lynaldine, it’s been a while since I made this sock but I do remember that it was a little confusing. Do you mean the ssk decrease every 4th (travel) round right after you finish the 16 stitches of the left cable panel? That should not be in the middle of your cable stitches but immediately after you finish them if you’re in the right place in the pattern.

    One mistake I made a lot was accidentally using the “2/2RC DEC” and “2/2LC DEC” stitches where I should have been using the “2/2RC” or “2/2LC” stitches so make sure you don’t do that too!

  3. I am a relatively new sock knitter and I am only up to the third row of the cable panel after the cuff and I am already confused. I do not understand what happens in this row. There are two decreases per cable panel – a 2/2RC and a 2/2LC. Then row 4 of the cable pattern assumes you still have 16 stitches but I am down to 12 because of the two decreases per cable. The same thing happens in row 5. Does this mean that the cables start travelling around the sock from the start, not after 2 rounds of the cable pattern, or am I just reading row 3 wrong? Please help! Sharon

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