Kidsilk Creation Scarf

I’ve been intrigued by some of the netted tubular yarns that are offered these days.  They are knitted on themselves and turn into lacy scarves within an hour.  However, many of the yarns are synthetic and were not what I wanted to touch so I’ve been resisting the urge to try them.  On a recent trip to Santa Cruz, I visited a lovely yarn shop called The Golden Fleece and came across some fabulous tubular yarn that is made from 70% super kid silk mohair and 30% silk.  That’s my kind of material!  It took me about 30 seconds to decide to try some.  The first one of these I made as a gift, but liked it so much that I felt I had to make one for myself too!

Kidsilk Creation yarn by Rowan (this one is color 002 – Dewberry) is light and airy and soft.  The pattern is on the skein label and also free from Rowan’s site for members and requires just one skein.   The netted tube of yarn is pulled to widen it as it is knitted and the entire scarf is knitted on two stitches, turning the tube as you go to end up with a curly and lacy scarf.   There’s a nice video on YouTube that shows the process.  I think the entire scarf took about 45 minutes to complete.   I think it would be a fun project for a newer knitter as well as an experienced knitter.   The finished scarf reminds me of cotton candy and drapes beautifully.

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Kidsilk Creation Scarf — 2 Comments

  1. I just clicked onto your site and saw this scarf and loved it. I have found out where I can obtain the yarn so hope I will be making it for myself and as gifts quite soon. Thank you for showing it.

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