Garden Watercolor Bookmarks

Somehow, six months has gone by since I’ve painted. I finally got out the brushes to make a birthday present for my mom. I guess I needed the incentive of a deadline! These watercolor bookmarks were inspired by photos taken in my garden and the garden of a friend. They are painted on 140lb Arches watercolor paper and then laminated to protect them.

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Garden Watercolor Bookmarks — 1 Comment

  1. Rebecca, I love your bookmarks. My birthday is in march :-) !!!

    I know precisely what you mean about those soft store-bought cookies, too, as I do the same thing. I love to eat them elsewhere, but feel guilty buying them. Will have to try your recipe!

    Did you know that Rob and 1 other guy when back packing on Sunday 9/2 and they don’t return until Monday night 9/10? Jennifer is faring well, but we will all be glad to have him safely at home.


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