Decorative Dish Towels

Decorative Blue Towels

Decorative Towels

I’ve been addicted to making these cute little dish towels lately.  The pattern is by Gail Abeloe of Back Porch Quilts and is super simple.  In the process, I’ve learned a few important things about dish towels in the last few weeks:

  1. Plain white dish towels are hard to find
  2. Dish towels are never square, especially after washing.
  3. Two towels in the same package may not be the same size and neither may match the size listed on the package

Despite these challenges, I’ve had a lot of fun whipping these up.  I made the first two sets as gifts and then decided that I needed a few for myself.    This is a great way to use those novelty fat quarters that I love to collect and is also a good way to use fabrics that you just love to look at but can’t bear to cut up for quilts.

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