The Daring Bakers’ May 2013 Challenge: Swedish Prinsesstårta


Blog Checking Lines: Korena of Korena in the Kitchen was our May Daring Bakers’ host and she delighted us with this beautiful Swedish Prinsesstårta!

I’ve seen these beautiful, pastel domed cakes in the bakery for years and I never knew what was inside them.  Now I know!  princess_cake_slice The classic Swedish Prinsesstårta is composed of layers of white sponge cake, raspberry jam and vanilla custard topped with a mound of whipped cream covered in green marzipan and garnished with a rose.  The whole cake is light and delicate.  The original recipe was created in the 30s by a teacher named Jenny Åckerström, who taught the three Swedish princesses of the time.  She published a series of cookbooks called “The Princess Cookbooks” and in one of them there was a recipe for Grön Tårta (green cake).  One story is that this cake became known as “princess cake” because the three princesses are said to have loved it so much.  Another story is that there were three different cakes, one for each princess, which have been simplified into the current version.  Nobody seems to know why the cake was green, but the princess connection seems clear.

I chose to go a different direction with my cake and make it lavender.  My local bakery makes these cakes in pink, green and lavender and I always thought I would like to buy a lavender one some day.  I don’t need to do that now that I can make my own, but I still wanted a purple one.

I also changed up the flavors because this princess likes chocolate! I made a chocolate sponge cake which I divided into three layers. I layered two of the cake circles with raspberry jam and chocolate pastry cream.  I then topped the cake with a mound of the raspberry flavored whipped cream which I shaped into a dome.  The next step is to top the mound with the remaining cake layer, tucking it gently to make a dome.  This cake layer is covered with a very thin layer of the whipped cream.  The next step is to cover the whole cake with the marzipan and decorate it with a marzipan rose, leaves and a dusting of powdered sugar.  With the exception of getting the marzipan to cover the cake without tearing, I found this cake to be surprisingly easy to make.  It sounds complicated, but if you make all the components ahead of time, the actual assembly goes together in less than an hour.  Amazing!

The full recipe and instructions can be found here.

The modifications I made to the recipes are as follows:

Chocolate Pastry Cream:  Stir 2 oz of chopped bittersweet chocolate into the pastry cream after removing it from the heat.  Stir until the chocolate is melted and fully incorporated.  Take the pastry cream out of the refrigerator an hour before assembly or it will be too stiff to spread.  If need be, microwave it at 5 second intervals, stirring between each, until it is a spreadable consistency.

Chocolate Sponge Cake: Replace 1/4 cup of the flour with 1/4 cup of dutch processed cocoa powder.  Add 1 tsp. of instant espresso powder to the batter along with the dry ingredients.

Raspberry Whip Cream: Whip the cream until soft peaks form.  With the mixer on low, add 2/3 cup chilled seedless raspberry jam to the cream a spoonful at a time.  Once the jam is incorporated, increase the speed and continue whipping the cream until stiff.


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The Daring Bakers’ May 2013 Challenge: Swedish Prinsesstårta — 5 Comments

  1. J’adore ta version chocolat lavande du prinsesstarta!! je la trouve originale et gourmande!! merci pour ton passage et pour ton gentil commentaire! bisou!

  2. I love your chocolate version, especially with paired raspberry (YUM!). The lavender marzipan is so pretty, too. Thanks for baking with me this month Rebecca!

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