Sourdough Surprises: Cherry Kolaches

Sourdough Cherry Kolache Sourdough Kolaches:

Sourdough Surprises challenged us this month to make a breakfast pastry that I’d never heard of before called the Kolache.  I love it when I get to try something new!  Kolache (pronounced ko-LAH-chee) came to America, specifically Texas, in the mid-1800s with Czech immigrants.  The sweet dough can be filled with savory sausage or with any sweet fruit filling.

I converted the provided recipe by replacing the milk with water (I was worried about using milk and letting it sit for hours) and mixing that with an equal weight of flour and 2 Tbsp. of my starter.  I let this mixture proof overnight to become nice and bubbly.  I then mixed in some milk powder and followed the recipe as written, making sure to subtract the amount of flour and liquid I had already used.  I was able to produce a nice, soft, but very slack dough.   I ended up having to add a bit of extra flour to get it to have enough structure to  hold it’s shape as it was very much like a batter initially. For the topping, I made a simple sour cherry pie filling to place in the center of my dough and then sprinkled it with a crumb topping.  As with most sourdough recipes, these took a lot longer to rise than with commercial yeast, especially since my kitchen is fairly chilly this time of year.  We ended up having Kolache for an afternoon snack instead of for breakfast as I had hoped!

For some reason, I was unable get these to turn golden in the oven despite having brushed them with butter before baking.  I finally pulled them out as I was afraid of over-baking them and they were definitely cooked on the inside.  Perhaps the lack of color had something to do with using milk powder instead of real milk in the dough?  Anyway, I think I need to repeat this recipe with some tweaks to see if I can get a better result.  I was hoping to get to a savory version before the challenge date, but didn’t manage it.  I’ll have to be sure to seek out Kolache the next time I’m in Texas so that I have some basis of comparison and then try this recipe again.


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Sourdough Surprises: Cherry Kolaches — 8 Comments

  1. All these cherry kolaches are making me wish I’d used cherries as well! They look delicious. Mine were an afternoon snack too – you know the saying, slower than molasses in January? It should be, slower than sourdough in November!

  2. Yeah. The dough for that recipe was very high in hydration. I hope to tweak it several times using the other recipes to come up with something that’s not as wet but still delicious.

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    What a fun project? Maybe the oven temperature had something to do with the browning issues. Most of the kolache recipes I’ve tried are baked around 400. Or maybe the acidic dough inhibits browning? I’m not sure, but I’ll bet they tasted great. I can’t wait to try a kolache recipe with sour cream.

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