Achilles Heal Sock

Achilles Heal sock, pattern by Lucia Light |

I can’t believe this Achilles Heal Sock took 6 months to knit.  I blame the new cat, who insists on sitting on my lap full time and wiggling constantly.  It’s a little hard to knit with all that going on.  However, she recently discovered a sunny spot in the dinging room so I have an hour or so when the sun hits that window to get a lot done.

This sock is another one from my sock knitting group and the pattern is Achilles Heal (spelling intentional) by Lucia Light.  It’s name comes from the idea that the sock is knit without the heal initially and then the heal is added at the end.  This would enable the heal to be replaced when it wears through.  I had every intention of doing this, but after first knitting half a sock in the wrong size and being delayed by the cat, I decided it was in my best interests to just plow through with my usual method.  Besides, my chances of EVER re-knitting a heel, and of even being able to locate the yarn, are pretty much nil.  I do really like the pattern though.  The stitches are interesting enough that the sock looks beautiful in the Malabrigo Primavera colorway super-wash sock yarn that I chose, but also simple enough that I was easily able to remember the pattern.  I also didn’t drop a single stitch while knitting this pattern which is quite an accomplishment!

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