Tweed Stitch Cowl

Tweed Stitch Cowl | I am pretty much a seasonal knitter.  I kind of lose interest over the summer when the idea of touching wool seems so unappealing.  However, once the first touch of crispness shows up in the air, I seem to be immediately interested in knitting again.  This Tweed Stitch Cowl from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas is the perfect “bridge” garment between the seasons.  It’s a short cowl that hangs like a necklace and is perfect for wearing when the weather is too cool to go out just in a t-shirt, but wearing a long sleeve shirt would be too warm.  It’s also a great pattern for fancy, expensive, show-off yarn too, like the Beaded Mohair and Sequins yarn from Artyarns that I used.  The beads and sequins really give the cowl a nice weight as well as a sparkle and its comfortable to wear as the yarn also has some silk in it.  It would also be a great project for a newbie knitter as the pattern is very simple and knits up pretty quickly.

Note:  For those of you who have asked – there isn’t an online link for this pattern as it is a “Shop Pattern” and has not been formally published.  You can contact them and they will mail or e-mail you a copy of the pattern.  The pattern is free if you purchase yarn and $3 for just the pattern.  Their phone number is 206-780-2686 and the pattern name is “Tweed Stitch Cowl”.


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Tweed Stitch Cowl — 3 Comments

  1. Many thanks for this post – would love to knit this cowl. I cannot find the pattern on Churchmouse Yarns website. Can you help?

    Ginny Martin

    • Ginny,

      It’s a pattern that I picked up in their store a couple of years ago when I bought the yarn. Since I can’t remember if it was a free pattern or not, I don’t feel good about just copying it for you. They were very nice in the shop when I was there, so try giving them them a call at 206-780-2686 and ask them if they can e-mail it to you. The pattern name is “Tweed Stitch Cowl” and the copyright is 2011. Good luck!

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