Skew Socks

Skew Socks |

These unusual Skew Socks have been on my “to do” list for some time, but it wasn’t until the Green Planet Yarn sock group made the pattern that I actually got around to making them.  Skew Socks are ideal for hand-painted yarns like this purple one from Casbah that I used.   The socks are easy to knit, but get their unusual look from the method of knitting them on the diagonal.

The heel is also done in an unusual manner – by using the kitchener stitch to seam together the sides of the tube. This was by far the easiest toe-up heal I’ve ever done! The leg is reshaped with short rows so that it goes from diagonal back into a straight tube before making the ribbing.


All in all, a very fun sock to knit!

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