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Elegant Textured Shawl | BakeNQuilt.com

I just finished this Elegant Textured Shawl pattern by Lisa Daniels.   It’s a pattern that’s way of my comfort zone and that I would never have picked on my own.  I ended up making this shawl thanks to my friend Kim who gave me a big bag of yarn she wasn’t going to use.  There were 5 skeins from the same company in that batch and the start of a project from which I was able to identify the pattern as the Elegant Textured Shawl.

I thought it would be fun to go ahead and knit Kim’s discarded project and then surprise her with the finished shawl as a thank you for all the yarn she gave me.  The shawl turned out to be pretty easy to knit and actually pretty quick to make since it’s done on size 11 needles.  The shawl is made up of 5 different types of yarn from Mountain Colors in the Rosehip colorway.  The yarns vary greatly – one “normal” spun wool, one thin merino, one ribbon, one feathery and one that is super bumpy.  The yarn types are switched out every four rows to create this shawl that is highly textured.

Textured Shawl Close Up | BakeNQuilt.com

The shawl is very long and very furry – it was affectionately nicknamed “the Muppet” while I was knitting it as it looked like a big furry animal on my lap.  The cat was not pleased!  I was able to give the shawl to my friend yesterday and she was surprised and (thankfully) seemed happy to get it.

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