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Alhambra Socks |

Despite the fact that the weather is in the 80s and too warm for wearing wool socks, I am really pleased with finishing these socks today.  They are a beautiful colorwork pattern called Alhambra by Stephanie Van Der Linden from the Op-Art Socks book.  I used a skein of black for the master color and a skein of multicolored yarn for the contrast, both from Miss Babs sock yarn that I picked up at Stitches West this year. I used a size 1 needle for the cuff and leg and a size 0 for the foot.

Colorwork is one of my favorite ways to knit socks, despite the fact that they turn out warmer than regular socks.  It’s just as easy as regular knitting, but watching the pattern emerge is really rewarding.  The only thing I didn’t love about this pattern was the folded cuff at the top.  The stitches are cast onto a temporary holder (provisional cast on), then 12 rows are knit in the round and then joined together with the live cast-on stitches to form a small folded double layer cuff.  Perhaps it was because I was working with black yarn in a small gauge, but I found this technique to be really fiddly and slow.  Perhaps in a lighter color it looks better, but here it doesn’t add much to the sock.

The bottom of these socks was just as fun, being a bit of a checkerboard pattern.  Feel free to admire my backwards photography in the mirror.  It’s a wonder I didn’t throw my back out trying to take this photo!

Alhambra bottom


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