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Potato Chip Bag Purse | BakeNQuilt.com

I picked up this Potato Chip Bag Purse pattern at a recent trip to a quilt store.  The name is a bit confusing because if you search for it online, you get a lot of purses made out of actual used potato chip bags. Yuck.  According to the pattern design company, Quilt Country, the name refers to the fact that you can’t make just one.  That might be true, as this was really fun to make.  I helped a friend make one the other day and came home and made my own the following day.  This one is meant to be a gift, but I think it’s pretty cute and I might have to keep it and make another one myself.

The bag is a nice size for traveling or an evening out where you don’t want to carry much stuff.  The finished size is about 7″x6″x2″ and is fairly customizeable.  I left out the pocket on the front because I liked the fabric and didn’t want to cover it up.  I’m pretty proud of the pocket I managed to put on the back.  I was working with a single, directional fat quarter but I managed to fuss with the layout a bit so that I could reproduce the fabric design on the back pocket so it is nearly invisible.  Yay, me!

Potato Chip Bag Back | BakeNQuilt.com

There are also two large pockets on the inside.

Potato Chip Bag Inside | BakeNQuilt.com

The pattern was fairly easy to follow.  I have only two complaints with it – first there is no information on laying out the pattern to accommodate directional fabric.   Fortunately my fat quarter was big enough to manage this but it took some thinking to figure out.  My second problem is that I wanted to put a magnetic closure on the front, but there is no information on where to position fasteners.  I ended up doing a snap after the fact, which doesn’t look as nice, and sewing the button on to cover the snap stitching.

Other than that, it was smooth sailing and took about 3 1/2 hours to make.  I definitely want to make a few more of these.


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