Purple Rain Ombre Cowl

Ombre Cowl | BakeNQuilt.com

Were you a fan of Prince?  I can’t say that I currently have any of his music, though I know a lot of it and remember listening to his songs on the radio when I was in high school.  His music was definitely part of the fabric of my young adulthood.  I was in the process of knitting this purple Ombre Cowl when he passed away, so it seemed fitting to name my project after one of his most well known songs, Purple Rain.

The Ombre Cowl (pattern by Hilary Carr) was a very easy project – the yarn really does all the work and it’s just plain knitting.  The pattern uses three colors of Mohair & Silk yarn (light purple/gray, reddish purple and dark purple),  all of which I purchased from Neighborhood Fiber Co.  The strands are doubled and swapped out in such a way as to go through 5 color changes.  The resulting cowl is feathery light but pretty warm.  It’s unfortunately too warm to wear it now, but I will hide it away in my drawer where it will be a nice surprise next fall!

Ombre Cowl Flat | BakeNQuilt.com

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