If you’re visiting this site, I’m assuming you know me somehow, either directly or via a family member or maybe you’ve just heard about me from a mutual friend. In case you don’t know me and have just stumbled upon my site, let me introduce myself!

Little Baker I can’t remember when I started cooking, but I think I started out making cookies and cakes with my mom (check out the picture of me, circa 1974). Baking has remained my main interest although I have branched out to cooking meals other than dessert. When I can justify the expense, I like to take cooking classes at a local kitchen store to learn how to do things that I wouldn’t necessarily have the motivation to figure out on my own, such as Thai or French cooking. Occasionally, I like to challenge myself to recreate dessert recipes that I’ve tried in bakeries or restaurants. Despite all the fancy classes, cookies are still my favorite baked item, but I also enjoy making cupcakes and truffles and other desserts. I have more recipes than I can get through in my lifetime.

In addition to making yummy desserts, I also have a fondness for making stuff. As a child, I moved from hobby to hobby on a pretty regular basis. For Christmas and birthdays, I usually got some kind of craft kit or book and that spurred a new interest. As an adult, I’ve become a little less fickle, though I still like trying new things. I’ve pretty much settled into quilting and sock knitting. I do dabble a little in other hobbies from time to time, but the knitting and quilting are the ones I’ve really stuck with.

I also love taking photos of my garden and occasionally of my cats, though the flowers sit for photos better than the cats do. When I’m not sewing or knitting or baking or messing around in the garden, I’m usually reading or going to a movie. The pages of this site are dedicated to the things I love. I hope you enjoy them too!


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If you have a question, positive comment or a recipe to share with me, I’d love to hear from you!  I’m pretty good at responding to e-mail, so if you don’t see a reply from me within a few days, be sure to check your SPAM folder in case my reply got lost there.

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