No-Bake Swedish Chocolate Balls (Chokladbollar)

I had never heard of Swedish Chocolate Balls (Chokladbollar) until recently.  We were at one of our favorite chocolate shops in San Francisco, getting a drinking chocolate and a pastry to start our day.  The shop worker offered us a … Continue reading

Mint Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Treats

I was trying to think of something green to make to celebrate March, St. Patrick’s Day and the imminent arrival of spring when I remembered a cooking program I watched recently that featured gourmet Rice Krispie Treats.  I can eat … Continue reading

We Should Cocoa: Chocolate Dipped Pistachio Lace Cookies

  Choclette of the Chocolate Log Blog and Dom of Belleau Kitchen have teamed up this month to challenge us to make a random chocolate recipe from our cookbook collections. I have a pretty significant number of cookbooks and the … Continue reading