Digital Quilt Block

Digital Quilt Block

16″ x 16″

Completed January 2010

This year, the Display Block chairperson in my quilt guild asked all of the board members to make a 16″ display block for the guild demonstrating different techniques.  I picked the photo block for my project.  Since I didn’t want family photos being displayed, I picked a photo from this year’s garden and manipulated it in Photoshop Elements.  My next decision was how to get the quilt block onto fabric.  My printer only prints 8.5″x11″ sheets of prepared fabric “paper”, which meant that I’d have to fuss with piecing the 16″ block together.  I’ve done that once before, and it was a pain.  Then I remembered that I’ve been meaning to try Spoonflower for a while and this seemed like a great opportunity!  I uploaded my photo and ordered a fat quarter printing.  The fabric I chose was a little thin, but the photo reproduction quality was great!  The fabric also came very quickly in the mail, probably faster than I would have gotten around to printing and piecing it myself.  I quilted the block with free-motion stitching and bound it and now it’s ready to turn in.  Here are side by side pictures of the starting digital flower photo, the manipulated flower photo, and the finished quilt block.  I’m pleased with the results!

Finished Quilt Block, 16"x16"

Original flower photo

Manipulated Digital Image