Roughly Rousseau – Dessert of the Lion

Roughly Rousseau – Dessert of the Lion

38″ x 28″

Completed 2009

I started this quilt in a Quilt University Class in October of 2007. The class was Artists Revisited, taught by Marilyn Belford and the focus was re-creating works of famous artists in fabric. I chose Repast of the Lion by Henri Rousseau. I wasn’t as interested in making an exact replica, so I’ve changed elements that I didn’t like in the original and brightened the palette. Rousseau’s original painting featured a lion munching on a bloody leopard. I didn’t really want to do that and a lion just sitting there wasn’t as interesting. So, my lion lives in a jungle where cookies are available and he’s happily munching on one (after finishing all his leopard of course).

This quilt involved a lot of firsts for me. The quilt top was created with a lot of fusible webbing and the process reminded me of the Colorforms I played with as a kid. Finishing details were then added to the top with thread painting over stabilizer, which had quite a learning curve for me. After that, the layers were sandwiched together with a spray adhesive and quilted with an invisible thread. As a final touch, the raw edge was finished with a corded buttonhole stitch instead of a traditional binding.

Roughly Rousseau