Cake Balls

Yield:3-4 dozen
This is kind of a fun dessert, though it's a bit labor intensive. A pre-made cake in your favorite flavor (I like chocolate of course) is crumbled into a mixing bowl and then combined with cream cheese frosting and then rolled into balls of cake. The balls are then chilled and dipped in chocolate or flavored candy coating. They come out kind of like cakey truffles and are addictive, so watch out! There are so many combinations of cake flavor and coating flavor that they are customizable to most anybody's tastes.

1 unfrosted 9x13 cake, 1 layer, any flavor
8 oz cream cheese, softened
1 cup powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla
2 pkgs. candy melts, any flavor

1. If you're making your own cake, bake it in a 9x13 pan and cool completely. Crumble the cooled cake finely into a large mixing bowl.

2. Make the frosting by combining softened cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla until smooth.

3. Stir the frosting into the crumbled cake, gently, until combined and moist enough in texture to roll into walnut-sized balls. Chill the balls in the freezer on a wax-paper lined baking sheet for at least 2 hours, until firmly chilled.

4. Follow the instructions for melting the candy coating in a coffee mug. Dip the chilled balls into the candy coating and place on a wax paper sheet to set up. You may need to do this in batches to keep the balls chilled and the coating melted.

Cake mix works great for this, though it will have that distinctive cake-mix flavor. If you don't want to make your own frosting, you may use 1 can of pre-made frosting, but it will be much sweeter. If you don't want to dip the cake balls, roll them in powdered sugar and serve immediately. Use any flavor cake and candy melt combinations you like, make it your favorite! I like chocolate cake dipped in peanut butter coating. Chocolate dipped in mint-chocolate melts is also good.